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Mary’s Lamb Press was initiated to print and promote clean, uplifting, enjoyable, family-friendly, works of fiction that can inspire readers to grow in understanding of themselves and their world, and to develop a closer, more loving relationship with their Creator.

Featured Works

The Perfect Partner

1817, England: Lady Diana Ashton is making her London Debut. She has her future all planned and strives to achieve it the best she knows how. But everything seems to go wrong. Injured in an accident, will she learn to stop trying to control her life and to trust her future to the One who is Life itself?

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Gentle Journey

April 1812 – Surrey, England. Deceased vicar’s daughter and spirited aspiring artist, Eden Barrett is forced to find work as a governess to help provide for her family.

          A chivalrous earl with a father wound and a heart for abandoned waifs, Colin Ashton hires Eden to teach his precocious sister, warning her not to proselytize the child. But her faith is who Eden is, and when her charge asks challenging questions about God, Eden answers candidly. Sparks fly as Colin and Eden cross verbal swords.

          When Eden rescues two climbing boys and hides them on Colin’s estate, she makes an enemy. Her beliefs lead her into and out of trouble with an unprincipled rake of a neighbor and a chimney sweep out for vengeance. But, when Eden finds herself irrevocably drawn to the atheist Colin, her faith is tested indeed.

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